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  1. sorry I wrote in French (I am French) so thank you :)
  2. d'accord merci beaucoup :) je vais supprimer ce qui faut.
  3. And on another PC I have 3 detections so 1 is igraal the other is produkey and the last one is a burnaware .dll so I don't know if this last is a false positive or not. malwares and PUP.txt
  4. Ok, thank you for your answer so you advise me to remove especially all that is malware (produkey) is that it?
  5. Hello, I think malwarebytes detected 11 false positives (1 igraal extension + 10 produkey malware, it's to see the activation key) there are some or I think they are the same because I downloaded from less 3-4times because I noticed that it is Windows Defender detecting produkey as a PUP. thank you in advance fauxpositifs.txt
  6. Okay thank you anyway I'm leaving the topic open just in case and if not, can we contact Malwarebytes support directly?
  7. ok thank you so in fact they are not necessarily incompatible but you have to uninstall Qihoo 360 every time you install malwarebytes or there is an update for Malwarebytes? If so, will there be a fix to fix this installation problem?
  8. Ok thank you for your answer but I speak French I translate with google translation UN-installed in French (by google translation) it is written (UN) and otherwise any antivirus must be compatible with the free version of malwarebyte right? And if ever it is compatible, is there a way to install Malwarebytes with qihoo 360?
  9. D'accord merci pour votre réponse mais je parle Français je traduit avec google traduction UN-installed en Français (par google traduction) c'est écrit (l'ONU) et sinon n'importe quel antivirus doit être compatible avec la version gratuite de malwarebyte non ? Et si jamais c'est compatible y a t-il un moyen d'installer Malwarebytes avec qihoo 360 ?
  10. Hello, I have installed qihoo 360 as an antivirus on another PC and when I want to install Malwarebytes it puts me what is on the screenshot I disabled Qihoo 360 and I tried the offline installation and always the same is there a solution? (and it's good because of the antivirus because if I uninstall it it works) thank you in advance
  11. Hello, I'm translating with google translate. I would like to know if free Malwarebytes is compatible with any antivirus because there is no real time protection? The other day I wanted to install Kaspersky but Kaspersky detected Malwarebytes (free version) and the same with a friend he wanted to install Bitdefender I believe and he detected Malwarebytes (still free version). thank you in advance
  12. There are still 3 detections of usbfix, I was sent an email with a support tool I await the answer
  13. thank you very much everyone goodbye
  14. Thank you Porthos. I have two JSON files in the scanresults folder and an MBAMSERVICE.txt file in the LOGS folder is that it? (I searched on the internet how to find the Malwarebytes logs) should I put them?
  15. How do we do that ? I just have the txt file
  16. Hello, I think there are false positives (10 detections) of Usbfix I believe program for usb keys MBAM.txt
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