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  1. Thank you, that's what I'm looking for. And when you implement that, it's as important to say that you know it won't require a reboot as to say that it might -- that means it's a safe update to install, rather than you just didn't check.
  2. It's not something they can determine in advance -- before the upgrade?
  3. I believe I was told that it doesn't generally require a restart... and I don't recall it often requiring such. While it is admirable that the developer attempts to avoid it, as long as it doesn't guarantee it, one must assume it might, which will lead to people doing like I do and putting the upgrade off even when most of the time this is not necessary.
  4. This came from a support ticket -- they recommended I submit it as a suggestion. I opened the ticket all upset because I was prompted for an upgrade, I installed it with no clue that a reboot would be required. It was, and I was very upset. Here's the details: I generally considered your application important enough that I accepted upgrades whenever they popped up. I often have a lot of open windows and basically never reboot. I will reboot if I have to, but only at a time of my choosing (barring crashes). Since you cannot alert me that a reboot will be needed until it’s too late, it doesn’t matter that a reboot is rarely needed; I have to assume any upgrade might require that. I was very annoyed when I got the reboot requirement that initiated this ticket, because it was a very unpleasant surprise. I don’t even recall if I was given no choice, that it would reboot in 5 minutes if I didn’t choose it sooner. I think I closed everything and allowed the reboot because I was afraid that it was already stopped so I would be running unprotected if I didn’t reboot. Now if you had told me that a reboot would be required BEFORE I accepted the update, I would have scheduled that for a time that the reboot would be more convenient (well let’s say less inconvenient). Would I have forgotten? Good chance, so either a periodic reminder or a “don’t ask again for ___ hours” window would be a good idea. Between open windows, and not wanting to basically lose my PC for 5 minutes, I do not appreciate surprise reboots. You have just made me defer most upgrade alerts; thanks for nothing. Until I find out that this is fixed, I will assume all upgrades may reboot, and will defer them and hopefully remember to manually initiate it.
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