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  1. Hello, Our website https://www.philotechnique.info is blocked by Malwarebytes Browser Guard. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/634bf53f375ae5bf2e7869e698d0b6a44b4d8eb93b76cd62dcdbfd71016ac937/detection Could you please check and update (Browser Guard and Premium) ? Many thanks.
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    Problem access

    Hello, On my computer, Malwarebytes Browser Guard seems to block access to bing.com. Is it normal ?
  3. Many thanks, all is OK now with Malwarebytes Browser Guard. 🙂
  4. Thank you very much for website http://labelle-mecanique.simply-winspace.fr who looks whitelisted now in MB Browser Guard. 😎👍 Unfortunately, there is another problem : we created 2 websites hosted by www.amen.fr , who proposed us to host our websites by creating subdomains "http://(nameofthewebsite).simply-winspace.fr" , while waiting to buy a ".com" domain name. And concerning our second website hosted on the same shared server (, this website is still blocklisted by MB Browser Guard : http://baitongthairelax.simply-winspace.fr That's
  5. ah ok, sorry for my mistake, and thanks for having moved this topic to the right section. 😎👍
  6. Hello, I opened a topic yesterday and Zynthesist from Malwarebytes staff removed our website from the blocklist of Malwarebytes Premium, many thanks ! The topic was https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/258275-remove-url-from-blacklist/, for website "http://labelle-mecanique.simply-winspace.fr" (you removed the block on *.simply-winspace[.]fr). Today all is OK Malwarebytes Premium database, but when we use a browser with Malwarebytes Browser Guard our website is still blocked... Could you please to apply the removal also on Malwarebytes Browser Guard ? Many thanks.
  7. Precision : We are not the owner of "simply-winspace.fr" : we tried to create a website hosted by www.amen.fr, who proposed us to host our website by creating a subdomain "http://(nameofthewebsite).simply-winspace.fr", while waiting to buy a ".com" domain name. Is it a problem because of another website which have also a subdomain with this host ? Same result with Malwarebytes browser guard. Thank you for your help.
  8. Hello, As soon as we created our domain name http://labelle-mecanique.simply-winspace.fr, we connected on our website without send any page/file by FTP and Malwarebytes Premium blocked immediately the access for an unknown reason. Our website is hosted by www.amen.fr, the IP of the server is (shared server). We tried to connect to another website, also hosted by amen.fr on the same server/IP address, and Malwarebytes blocked also the access. Can you please remove this URL from your blocklist ? Many thanks
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