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  1. Windows defender keeps telling me that SecurityCheck.exe is a trojan and I can't download it.. info.txt log.txt
  2. the security update was flawless, pc seems to be running as usual
  3. Here are both the files : ) scn report.txt Fixlog.txt
  4. Sorry for the long wait! Here are the files msert.log mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. So I was on discord and someone sent me a pdf, it was some weird "free bitcoin method" (obviously fake) so I was gonna open it to report him on a server I'm in. (I wasn't aware that pdf files could contain viruses) So a while later my computer takes 3 hours to load after I restarted, I checked my windows security and in the exclusions there was a backdoor. I'm worried that it may have been a rat? I've tried looking through other posts but they all seem to need your scan logs, so if anyone's able to help I'd be very grateful.
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