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  1. here are the security check results one question- as for the Media Creation Tool USB, if i have issues updating windows 10 in the future, will i be able to run this the same way as i did yesterday in order to update ? SecurityCheck.txt
  2. nevermind- i got it to run anyway. following your instruction now
  3. i have attached the picture of what happened when i entered winver as for the other, when i downloaded it and hit run as admin, it says windows defender will not let me open it. i tried turning off the firewalls but it still wouldnt open.
  4. I was able to install all updates successfully as well as fix my mic issue. Thank you so much for your patience and all of your help!
  5. I run the program from my usb. It is still getting stuck at 91%
  6. can you please tell me the steps to take on https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/2376-create-bootable-usb-flash-drive-install-windows-10-a.html i have downloaded it to my USB. When i follow the steps on that site, it is telling me to skip to step 11 but you said to do step 6. i do not know which route to take and i am confused
  7. I will be picking up flash drive in about an hour. could the Lack of the Windows update be causing my microphone to not work? For work I am creating videos and I have checked all settings for my mic and they are all turned on but it is not picking up my voice. Just wondering if windows update could be the issue here
  8. no i did not. i was just in the process of doing that when i realized my drive is not large enough. i do not believe i have any experience with setting the machine to boot from USB. I only know how to open the folder and open files from the actual window USB folder.
  9. ok i see the step i completely missed- now i am having a problem of my flash drive not being big enough. i am about to go get one. how much space will i need? it says it needs to be at least 8gb but i want to make sure i dont buy one too small. i am sorry for all the confusion
  10. on this website https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/16397-repair-install-windows-10-place-upgrade.html these are the steps i took: - i started at step 5 to download it and i saved it on a flash drive. I do not think i did this properly. i didnt understand. i followed all other steps exactly until step 15 because it never downloaded properly -
  11. Are those the directions to making a usb?? I have no clue what that means so I guess I didn’t do it. I will try it
  12. ok i tried it again and it still did not work. i have attached a picture of the error i received
  13. I looked up my issue on some forums and I believe it is being caused by me not disabling my antivirus software... I forced a shutdown and I am going to retry
  14. Ok I really hope I did this correctly. I started this process at 14 hours ago and it has been stuck at 91% for the last 12 hours. Says “downloading-91% pc may restart several times.” Has an orangish/pink back ground
  15. hello- i do not know any thing about C:\DkHyperbootSync i've attached the fix log Fixlog.txt
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