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  1. Hey @AdvancedSetup Can I get confirmation that the previous post I posted works?
  2. @AdvancedSetup My Pc won't boot so I'll have to do a clean reinstall. Can I use this method? The method is: 1) Backup all my files to an external hard rive. 2) Check all my files on another computer. 3) Use a bootable USB Windows installer and reinstall Windows 10. 4) Put the files back in the 😄/C drive (I dont know why it put a smiley face) Please let me know ASAP. If there's anything wrong please let me know. I will only do this if you approve. Thanks. I already have all the necessary software and equipment.
  3. PS. Will backing up the encrypted files cause it to become undecrytable?
  4. Also, people have told me that the key is located in systemid and in PersonalID and that if it ends in t1 its an offline key. I seem to have found it and mine ends in t1
  5. Ok, but how do you enable it without going into the actual Windows 10?
  6. I do have restore points, but it says I must enable system protection on this device
  7. @AdvancedSetup I have put my USB into my computer. Its telling me to setup windows. Should I have downloaded it as an ISO?
  8. Also, is the 'another computer' the infected one? And I s the boot menu the on that let's you choose boot up options like Safe mode, safe mode with networking and smth like that?
  9. How can I transfer the files, because I can't enter the actual home screen. I always get sent to the automatic repair screen? And when I do, will the files infect the computer I transfer it to?
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