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  1. I've checked the option on windows file explorer to view all hidden files and folders but still couldn't find the specified file so i think there's no need to worry anymore. Attached the latest malwarebytes scan report M.txt
  2. The file name of the trojan which shows up on the windows defender scan is "fifa 20 codex.torrent-9142898935.exe" and its folder it's present in is "C:\Users\Nabeel\Downloads\fifa 20 codex.torrent-9142898935.iso". The original date in which the scan found this file was 31.03.2020 . I have checked the specified folder multiple times since and the file is not there, maybe it got deleted somehow. But i don't understand why the same message pops up on the quick scan since. It makes me think the file is still in the system but I can't find it Fixlog.txt
  3. The original issue which was the "Remediation incomplete" message of a severe trojan virus in a windows defender scan is still there when i run a windows defender scan. What does it mean? That is all I am concerned about Fixlog.txt
  4. The results of the scans Addition.txt FRST.txt eset.txt
  5. I ran the command you gave in cmd and the result was "The system cannot find the path specified." Also, in the downloads folder I couldn't find the file which was flagged by windows defender and also when I click on the ACTIONS button at the bottom , the only option available is "Allow". I have attached a picture of the same with this reply. Does the "Remediation incomplete" message signify that the virus has been quarantined and is of no danger to the system ?
  6. I've attached the Fixlog.txt with this reply. Also, after running the custom script I ran a simple Windoes Defender Antivirus quick scan and it still gave the same result as it has been giving since before the above actions. I have attached a screenshot of the result of the scan named defender_scan.jpg. Please take a look at that and advise me on what to do next Fixlog.txt
  7. Followed the instructions word to word . Only time I have seen a mention of the trojan virus was when I ran the Microsoft Safety Scanner scan. It said at the end that it has removed the trojan. I have attached the files you asked for. What should i do next? msert.log MalwBytes.txt SecurityCheck.txt
  8. Just one PUP detected this time. I did nothing after the last scan which i posted in my initial comment. detected.txt
  9. Attached the log file from most recent Malwarebytes scan detectionsmalw.txt
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