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  1. I have successfully created an account (or else I wouldn't be able to post this message) but am having a problem logging out and logging back in. If I use "Sign Out" and then attempt to log back in, your site does not accept my password, and I must use password reset to log back in. I have been through this 3 times in the past hour. For two reasons, I am absolutely positive I used the same password at all times: Firefox remembers my password for this site and fills it in whenever I log back in. Firefox's "Login and Passwords" panel allows me to view the password in plaintext, and it
  2. Several visitors to my site, http://kevincarmody.com , have reported that Malwarebytes installed on their machines is warning that my website is blocked due to a Trojan, or that it may contain a Trojan. Your site says that this warning arises because the IP address or IP address range is known to be malicious. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/21076-info-malicious-website-blocking/ According to VirusTotal, the IP address of my site is I checked with several online IP checkers, and most of them say this IP is clean. But Symantec ( https://ipremoval.sms.symantec.co
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