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  1. Yess!! sorry for forgetting about it, but yes its has been resolved, they did change the ip, so no more trojan notification 24h/day 😝 again, i am extremaly gratefull for all your and @Zynthesist efforts helping this out. Thank you guys, u r awesome!!
  2. well looks like the problem is finally resolved. Again, thank you guys for all your efforts and time spent on the issue.
  3. Thay still claim the ip is now of their ownership and that the blacklist should be from past events. But they also forwarded the issue to the server management team, lets wait for their repply. Fortunatelly i just noticed malwarebytes has a function to hide notifications when playing in fullscreen mode, ill have to relly on this for a while! Thanks @Zynthesist for your time and kind support! i only ask you guys not to close this until they give back some feedback. Lets give them a couple of days.
  4. Thanks for the quick repply @Zynthesist Well, is there a way so i can stop this popup from showing? i mean apart from having to add it to web exclusion of course. Also im trying again contact with noping support, as i will love to hear their excuse regarding this proof u showed.
  5. I guess, ill describe the situation: i use a paid software that is specialized in lowering online games latency, its called noping > their website https://www.nptunnel.com so, in the past few days, i believe 2 days ago i started receiving this popup notification from my malwarebytes then i came here,more preciselly to the help section and started a post, the one linked above. The kind sould @Android8888 analyzed my logs and presumed my pc is safe. But, still concerned i went to the noping website support and asked them about the popup notification and mentioned the ip in question, they gave me the following response:
  6. Well i treid contact with the noping.exe support team, and they informed me that they now own this ip, and probably the bad reputation might be due to its past owners. Still ive requested an ip analyze creating a topic on the section Malwarebytes for Home Support > False Positives > Website Blocking. So, lets wait for their feedback. And a huge thanks to you @Android8888 and the whole malwarebytes support team, u guys are saviors!!!
  7. Hello, as directed by @Android8888 on this post I would like you guys to analyze said ip, since its bad reputation are easily found on google search results.
  8. exactly, i did some research and this ip is mentioned as one of the C&C of the renown thrickybot The software noping.exe is well known - at least here in Brazil - for being one of the best software to decrease latency in online games, so I have more reason to believe that other software might be using the features of noping.exe to try to access the site / ip in question. Well, since the possibilities have been exhausted, I feel that I must mention that I use two automation softwares, which the supplier has indicated me to add as exclusions in both my antivirus, Kaspersky and Malwarebytes. I really believe that I have suffered fraud through this supplier, as nothing else can explain such strange and suspicious behavior. Anyway, what I have left would be to send such files so that you can check their behavior, but as we are talking about software and its logins and password, I am afraid that we need a private channel to exchange them.
  9. There is something to mention, the first time i did run the FRST my pc was running a game called tibia and its anticheat engine is called battleye.. i say this because as soon as u repplied yesterday, i searched he log for rootkit and found a battleye related file, called BEDaisy.sys
  10. hi @Android8888 thanks for the fast feedback, well thats bad news but im also worried and curious to find out where did it come from.
  11. also, this is the symptom, mb starts - and wont stop - poping up this notification as soon as i start a tunnel software called noping.exe - its for lowering online games latency
  12. Hello, again i would like to order some expert help from you guys. 😉 Mb_Premiun_Scan.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
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