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  1. The installed components package version was 1.0.859. I manually updated and it's now 1.0.867. Since I have auto updating turned on, I don't understand why I had to update manually. If I have any further problems I'll reference this file.
  2. 1. See attached. 2. I was updating an earlier version, don't know which one (see 4). After disabling Ransomeware Protection I successfully updated to Version vuex6497 (see 3.). 3. Vuescan updates by replacing an earlier version. After downloading the new version I attempted to run vuex6497.exe. The earlier version was removed but then an error msg appeared, a screen shot of which is attached. 4. See 3. Not a portable application to my knowledge. I have had the Professional version for at least 10 years and obtained it from the company that created it, www.hamrick.com ARW.zip
  3. Malwarebytes, without notification, blocked the update of VueScan. The app owner cryptically wrote that it was a Malwarebytes problem but gave no hint how to resolve. After several tries, the problem was diagnosed by Porthos. After turning off ransomware protection all was well. After the update I reset ransomware protection. Unfortunately I'm unable to upload the .exe file. Previous topic https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/258032-app-problem-claimed-as-malwarebytes-bug/?
  4. Sorry, forgot to say thank you for your help. Re submission, will do. Paul
  5. That did it. Once I get it downloaded I'll turn ransomware protection back on.
  6. Disabling web protection did not work. No warnings from Malwarebytes. Added the VueScan program folder to the allow list, same problem. I keep getting the failure notice I sent originally.
  7. Neither of these actions worked. Any other ideas?
  8. Attempt to update VueScan app fails. Owner claims it's a Malwarebytes bug. Attached is the error msg when trying to install. Is owner right and if so what is the fix?
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