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  1. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. The NLV coming back as a trojan is a false positive, due to the way it must sit on a client-side server and communicate with both our servers as well as any local clients that look for it has been known to trigger a false positive. We're working on going through appropriate channels to get it resolved with each scan provider, but the application itself is harmless and nonmalicious.
  2. Hi, A customer got in touch with my company over the weekend reporting that their Malwarebytes install flagged up our site as having a trojan. After looking at the site directly and scanning it with some other tools I'm pretty sure it's a false positive, but since Malwarebytes doesn't provide a way to submit websites for scanning I can't be sure Malwarebytes haven't found something others have missed. The website in question is, or http://www.jctconsultancy.co.uk/ Thanks for any help you can provide.
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