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  1. Thanks man; I really appreciate your help. You've represented the forums incredibly and it was a pleasure to work with someone patient and understanding and smart like you. You have a great one too; if there's any way I can repay you or give you positive rep, just let me know
  2. Additionally, everything seems to be running WAY quicker now, which is also a plus. Sorry for the late spam, just excited to finally see the manager work lmao
  3. Hey, I'm not sure what exactly it was that fixed the issue, but Task Manager seems to be working perfectly fine now!!! I guess it was that shady nvidia text file, cause I don't seem to have any adobe stuff asides from maybe flash on my browser. I owe you and thanks for your help through this whole stupid mess; is there any way I can support you? Also, I don't mind if you wanna keep working at this and figure out exactly what the issue was; I'm here to help if it'll aid you in assisting more people on these forums. What you're doing here is great.
  4. Alrighty, I followed the guide and reinstalled the drivers. I’ll go ahead and check what Adobe stuff I may have on my pc
  5. i mean literally earlier i uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers like from their site
  6. Alright, I deleted those things you asked me for. This is what shows up for me on the nvidia text file: https://prnt.sc/rr975h Do I also delete "Adobe Type Manager"? It's also highlighted
  7. https://prnt.sc/rr8cl8 This is the only one that didn't scan but I clicked on it and it showed up as scanned so I decided to save anyway DESKTOP-IO98M5E.rar
  8. I went ahead and uninstalled all the NVIDIA programs and drivers from the program list but no success with the TM so I’m gonna go ahead and reinstall those. Any other suggestions for playing with the drivers?
  9. Sorry about that man, this should be much better. Some start up things came up anyway since I can't disable them in TM but I exited them all as best as I could and the file is a lot smaller. Let me know if there's anything else I could do Logfile.rar
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