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  1. I have deleted the files after quarantine, sorry 😕
  2. No it's not detected anymore when I do a threat scan...
  3. Hey Atribune, Here's the file Thanks ! MBAMService.rar
  4. Lichew.rar Here are the requested files. The 9aa one is the file from the scan where the malware was detected. Thanks again !
  5. Hey, Thanks for your quick answer. I don't really know how to do that without potentially reinfect my machine 😕 Also I've deleted the file and I'm not sure if Malwarebytes kept a copy.
  6. Hey guys, Newbie here. I've run a Custom Scan on my machine because it was getting a bit slow and a Backdoor.Remcos was detected in the LIBCRYPTO-1_1.DLL file in an Intel Install folder (Scan report attached below, sorry, it's in French, I can provide translations if needed) . Have you ever had this file detected as a malware ? Is this a false positive ? Or has my machine really been infected by something ? I've quarantined then rebooted then deleted the file. I hope I won't suffer any consequences in the long-term.. What do you guys think about this ?
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