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  1. Thanks Porthos and exile360 for help. I was now able to install it and it's running the scans now fine. Thanks again! 😊
  2. And yes i used ACS before but it's now uninstalled
  3. Tried your suggestion and it didn't do anything. Progress bar was at 0% and then after disappeard with not error message.
  4. Hello, i'm having problems installing Malwarebytes on my PC, windows 7 ultimate 64bit. Just so you know i had it installed and used before and as far as i remember there weren't any issues first time. I uninstalled it and later right now i was trying to install it again. The progress bar when installing was sitting on 0% and after few minutes it dissapeard with no errors. It created a Malwarebytes folder \ Anti-Malware \ MBAMInstallerService.exe nothing else is there. I tried running Malwarebytes Support Tool and i basically tried everything from clicking Start Repair, Clean, Repair System and nothing helped. When i clicked on Clean and after started to reinstall it also dissapeard with progressbar sitting at 0% but this time with Installation Error with no description. I tried using CCleaner to clean registry and it didn't helped. I also tried used MicrosoftProgram Install and Uninstall but i coudn't find Malwarebytes on list. I'm not sure anymore what to do anymore so i'm hoping for help here. mbst-grab-results.zip
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