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  1. Well I powered down and back up and wound up with a fix log. Here it is. Fixlog(1).txt
  2. Power down by force that is.... Holding down button... Never thought I might have to back up all my data over this...
  3. As it's unresponsive to anything else I guess I have no alternative but to restart.
  4. And there's a problem. It seems to have permanently gone to sleep. It won't display. The screen is dark and the computer is on. It's unresponsive and I am loathe to restart my machine in the middle of a fix. No laptop currently. 😞
  5. Well, I ran it as before, not thinking you might have meant as a scan this time. That means it's fixing again. There seems no way to abort so I hope fixing twice doesn't create any problems. Currently waiting.
  6. I remembered something else that might be pertinent. When I first saw Chromium update pop up weeks ago, I had been through a number of security issues and when prompted by Dr Web to examine its attempt to connect to the web, I blocked it, knowing I did not HAVE Chromium. Since then, the Google Chrome issues have repeated. Today, when the update popped up and Chrome stopped working, I noticed an attempt to reach the web as in the firewall screenshot above, but the .exe file was another random looking array of letters, this time cnrmhfjvx.exe... If I just allow this to connect, will it help my p
  7. Also, I probably should not have as it might affect the script but deleted the folder entitled Chromium Update. If these kinds of things get in the way of your help, let me know and I will desist.
  8. Disabling Dr Web, unfortunately, means uninstalling it. I have never seen this before but processes keep renewing themselves when I kill them via task manager. Dr Web has three or four processes running at the same time and they seem to make sure the others don't stop. It might be part of its security. I can probably reinstall afterwards again with what is left of my demo. Shall I continue? The Chromium update popped up again and Chrome stopped working again. I uninstalled it. I noticed that it was that a process was in my list this time as ChromiumUpdate and I ended the process. I also n
  9. I wonder if it got that ijubgqv.exe that seems to trigger the breakdown.
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