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  1. i'm not sure if i've enabled Windows Defender as my main antivirus thing yet though
  2. I'll look into that student discount, thanks. Yes, the Windows Security perfectly matches now! I've attached the securitycheck log: SecurityCheck.txt
  3. oops i didn't mean to paste my screen xD
  4. Wow! That scan took me about 6 hours!! Anyways, here are the results: I had two detections - both by AVG i think. scanlogESET.txt
  5. I would, but as a student, I'm pretty broke. Is there any free programs you can recommend?
  6. The ESET scan is roughly 50% the way through, but it's already had a few detections. I'll attach them once it's done
  7. My windows thing: Version 1909 (OS Build 18363.720) Turns out the exposed IP was an attempt for AVG to make me buy their premium ;-; Anyways, I'm running the scan at the moment! While it's going, could you tell me about what programs i should keep and also how i can safely remove malware, viruses etc... without having to consult you everytime? :3 Essentially, could you give me my training wheels?
  8. Hey, the update finished! Not sure what's changed - I got this msg from AVG (still haven't uninstalled them yet - but will do soon), and apparently my IP is exposed soooooo ... i don't know if this is serious or not. I'm ready for that last tool u wanted to check out though!
  9. I'll msg u tomorrow (roughly 11 hours) as it is going to take a while. I still have some more questions i really hope uou can answer for me then!
  10. Step 1 and 2 went swimmingly, and it turns out i already have step 3 done - this is a fairly new computer so might explain why. As for that update - i'm not sure what you mean by trying every day here on out? It came up straight away so i'm currently installing it! This has helped so much, even though there is still another tool to check, i just want you to know that i appreciate all the effort and time you're putting into helping me.
  11. For step 1 i'm not entirely sure if it used your Fixlist.txt, the fix took me AGES so i do hope it worked. Attached fixlog.txt.Fixlog.txt I ran MSERT.exe and it came back with 0 files detected so that's good news. (Couldn't figure out how to get the log thing you asked about) After running adwcleaner, it found multiple PUPs which i have to assume aren't just some baby dogs. Attached the C00 report.AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  12. You can ignore the "fairly loud" suggestion. I've installed AVG but due to it not providing much assistance I looked for an alternative - *in comes malwarebytes* I've never noticed Windows Defender before, except installing that program you mentioned. How come it didn't protect me - or warn me - from the original 1158 detections? I've conducted another scan and have had 1 detection from trojan.fake.tool at C:/PROGRAM FILES (X86)\ILG_BROWSERINC again, i quarantined it then removed it. Is that all my problems done now or do i have to do more to clean my computer?Report 27-03-20 1816.txt
  13. You can call me Caelan, I've installed it as you ask. This program is making my computer fairly loud - almsot as much as when i play a game. Is this going to affect or damage my computer health? I've done as you've asked and attached the two files:FRST.txtAddition.txt
  14. Hey I am fairly new to computer security so i downloaded this as i was told it was helpful. I did my first few scans a couple days ago - got medium amounts of threats detected and a few days later (TODAY), I do a scan to see over a thousands threats!!! They were all mostly labeled Trojan. How can I: Prevent these coming back (any apps i need to delete or stop doing something?) Know that i'm safe even after quarantining and deleting these detections I noticed people were asking for the report file so I went a step ahead and attached it now. HELP Report 27-03-20.txt
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