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  1. It's uh. Still shutting down for some reason. It's less often than before, but it still happens. I dunno, maybe it's my laptop being an *****. Also, you mentioned you could give me some pointers on what I could use instead of SUPERAntiSpyware and their Ad blocker? Could you, please? I'd love to be running some better software. And thanks for your help, man. If anything else comes up that might be related to virus (or other) protection, can I drop a line here?
  2. Oh, okay, here you go, this is the stuff. 29.03.2020_12.26.41.zipFixlog.txt
  3. Hi, so, 1. Searched for Easeware Driver Easy, so I could uninstall it, but found nothing. Could it have anything to do with the virus? 2. A new thre at popped up in Malwarebytes, I'm not sure if it had anything to do with what we're fighting here, but I'll include the log just in case. malware1.txt 3. I put both the fixlist.txt file you provided (by the way, thank you!) and FRST64 on my desktop, ran the fix, and it did something, but before I could see what to do next, my computer bluescreened again, and upon restarting, it started the process of "disk checking" and "repairing". That was before start up. Not sure if it was FRST64, or if it was Windows itself, or if it was the virus digging deeper into the system, if that's even possible. Anyway, there was no zip file created on my desktop, but there was a ziplog, which I'm attaching right here: Fixlog.txt Should I run fixlist.txt in FRST64 again, or...?
  4. Hello again! I've done all the steps on the list, here are the files: Scan Report.txtAdwCleaner[C00].txtFRST.txtAddition.txt The laptop hasn't bluescreened since I installed Malwarebytes, but I'm afraid it might act up again after a while. The scans (I think) showed it was clean, so that's cool, but is there any chance of the virus not being completely removed and acting up again in the future?
  5. Hello! So what happens is, my Windows 10 bluescreens unexpectedly. Very often. So often I can't work on my computer, which is a big problem. I am aware there might be multiple causes for this, including hardware, but something else also happened to me multiple times. Programs were deleted or modified after these bluescreens, without me ever messing with anything even remotely close to them. Programs that were rendered unable to work were: Bullguard, Opera Browser, BitDefender. I should mention after Bullguard was modified/deleted, I reinstalled Windows 10, which should have gotten rid of any problems, I thought, but now I have the same exact behavior happening, it having modified/deleted my Opera browser and on my previous antivirus, BitDefender. I am literally writing these words, sweat under my armpits, hoping Malwarebytes isn't going to be uninstalled by the time I receive a reply. By the way, thanks for being an mvp and and reading this thing. Here's the report after scanning my computer. There are several threats, including Trojan.Agent, RiskWare.BitCoinMiner, Trojan.Fake.MS, and these are just 3 of them. Malwarebites.txt Thanks, Iris
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