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  1. Like I said, back to January. Don't normally record versions when things are working well....
  2. That is what I am saying. It didn't work in mid-February, and it doesn't work now. Too bad only the chosen few get access to the secret archives, but I'm willing to beg if it would help, or else plead aggrieved status to get what I already paid for.
  3. Moderately baffled by your response. I ran version 4 for over three months without any problems. Cannot say any good words about the version information to be found on the website, actually can't say too much good about the website in general except for the beautiful graphics to lure in new users. Generally navigation is confusing, lots of dead ends, for example, you can get to the forums from the main site, but can't get back! In case I'm an incompetent fool, please instruct from your enlightened wisdom. Would have thought that, since version 3 is still available, version 4 before the one that supposedly "works" would be available as well. If anyone can help with finding these earlier versions, please do so, then I can play with it at my convenience, and not have to bother others with these arcane requests. Have resigned to watching the ongoing drama, and don't want to trouble these very busy people anymore, and will wait for version 5 or some fortunate accident that will correct this unfortunate situation.
  4. The link given for previous versions was not far enough back. Trying to find stuff on the Malwarebytes site is a challenge, to say the least. Does anyone know where the wayback machine is hidden? Misery loves company, they say, it's perversely heartening that these problems still exist for more than just me. I thought other user's experiences might finally lead to a solution, and hopefully will this year yet. Obviously, there is a deep dark problem lurking that has resisted solution for almost 5 months now. For my part, I have submitted logs left and right to the support staff, no solutions yet from them, they're very courteous and we chat every week or so, keep stabbing in the dark with potential fixes that don't. No disrespect to the people who try to help here, they are very helpful, but I don't think they can do any better than the development team to actually fix the software. Sorry for complaining, but that's a long time and a lot of wasted effort and frustration for something that was proven to work so well for so many years.
  5. No change with latest version. Can I roll back to January 2020? This has been a complete disaster.
  6. I'm surprised that this issue seems to be dead, it has returned with a vengeance with Windows 2004 upgrade, and other problems I have had since mid-February have never been resolved. It seems that the support team is nibbling around the edges, while there is some fundamental issue with the core programming. Did everyone else, like me, just give up and hope that Windows Defender might fill the breach until maybe by accident these issues go away?
  7. Did get it to work for almost a week with latest versions. As of 4/27, had to disable again. Same stuff, different day.
  8. Grins didn't last long. It took a week, but after a shutdown/restart the exact same problems reoccurred. (v4.1.0.56 cp1.0.835) Ran FRST, which crashed, but not before saving logs, which have been uploaded to support ticket. It's definitely not Acrobat Reader problem only, same 4 issues each time, Reader always works great as soon as Malwarebytes isn't running. Somehow this time I didn't have to use safe-mode boot - Malwarebytes crashed only after I was able to disable auto-startup on settings page! Is there a version coming for COVID-19?
  9. Ticket # is 2910675. E-mail is different because of the incredibly torturous process to register. Would not let me use the e-mail I have had for over 10 years, claimed that obviously good security question responses were incorrect, had to keep on reentering same info just like some government sites, a total pain. Almost as bad as getting an online social security account... Just for grins, I re-enabled MB. It's been OK for half a day. Past experience has been that problems reoccur out of the blue with no discernable trigger. Of course, the watched pot never boils.....
  10. Same problem here, although it doesn't seem to be related to scan activity. Can be immediately bad, or go as long as a week before reoccurring. When browsing slows, I always get a report of router difficulties from Windows network diagnosis tool as well. Tried all kinds of versions, uninstall, install, repair tool, settings, support ticket. Can't wait till I learn to be patient.....
  11. Thanks, but no thanks. I already have a support ticket half a mile long, you've been chewing on my last uploads for 15 days. Keep on chewing.
  12. You are fortunate you are only running free edition. Have been struggling with this for six weeks. In premium, it breaks Reader DC, Windows Security, and Malwarebytes itself, requiring safe-mode startup to exit the loop. Also slows Internet browsing to a crawl. Good luck!
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