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  1. Ticket # is 2910675. E-mail is different because of the incredibly torturous process to register. Would not let me use the e-mail I have had for over 10 years, claimed that obviously good security question responses were incorrect, had to keep on reentering same info just like some government sites, a total pain. Almost as bad as getting an online social security account... Just for grins, I re-enabled MB. It's been OK for half a day. Past experience has been that problems reoccur out of the blue with no discernable trigger. Of course, the watched pot never boils.....
  2. Same problem here, although it doesn't seem to be related to scan activity. Can be immediately bad, or go as long as a week before reoccurring. When browsing slows, I always get a report of router difficulties from Windows network diagnosis tool as well. Tried all kinds of versions, uninstall, install, repair tool, settings, support ticket. Can't wait till I learn to be patient.....
  3. Thanks, but no thanks. I already have a support ticket half a mile long, you've been chewing on my last uploads for 15 days. Keep on chewing.
  4. You are fortunate you are only running free edition. Have been struggling with this for six weeks. In premium, it breaks Reader DC, Windows Security, and Malwarebytes itself, requiring safe-mode startup to exit the loop. Also slows Internet browsing to a crawl. Good luck!
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