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  1. Beginning a few days ago, I suddenly started getting a "Website blocked due to Trojan" from Malwarebytes for the domain "shopstorys.com" each and every time I load a new page in Chrome, no matter what the website is. Even if I'm in a different program and Chrome is open, sometimes the popup will still intermittently appear. I've tried Googling what exactly that site is, but can't find anything helpful, and the file listed in the popup is just [...]\chrome.exe. VirusTotal has 4 of 76 engines reporting malware from that domain. I'm fine with it being blocked, but is there a way to stop Malwarebytes from giving a new popup for it? It's incredibly annoying and is causing graphical issues when it takes focus over a full-screen game. The only options I see are to add it to an exclusion list or export a summary to text.
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