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  1. Should not take long then... lets wait.
  2. Could you add the Browser Guard extension to Microsoft Store, signed by Microsoft? As now, no install it, we have to enable "allow extensions from other stores". That in itself is a security risk.
  3. The option "secure rules" isn't what it used to be, you've changed it. Now it will remove all rules that aren't from those two groups, windows firewall control and temporary rules. My question is, what will happen after it removes all the other rules? Mine has many rules that belong to other groups, like Home Group, Remote Assistance, Windows Media Player...? If I need to use something from those rules, will it not work? Or will Firewall Control create its own rules for it?
  4. I said disable, turn off. Tens de desligar "Registar sempre o Malwarebytes no Windows Security Center", depois já vai dar para ligar a proteção em tempo real do Windows Defender. Both.
  5. Windows defender is a traditional antivirus, Malarebytes works differently. Use both.
  6. No adblock? Or using built-in? I couldn't live without it. I'm also not using many others... I use the Windows Defender Browser Protection, that gives browsers the same protection present in Edge.
  7. If you use Malwarebytes Browser Guard, why also use another one? it will only slow your browser down.
  8. I think nowadays Cloudflare is by far the most popular. Google are known for collecting your data, I don't really believe their DNS can actually be any different. OpenDNS has the same problems you consider to be on Quad9 and CleanBrowsing, they block websites and control what you see, except they're much worse at it.
  9. Obviously I use it in my router like I said, it's free and I have to use some DNS... Without a DNS server there's no internet. 😋 The one from my isp blocks some websites and doesn't have any good features.
  10. Yes, I use Malwarebytes Browser Guard with Opera's built-in adblock. But that doesn't affect other devices, all smartphones, Tvs... That's why I think DNS is so good.
  11. I never even tried them, they never captivate me. too many AVs... Windows Defender + Malwarebytes Premium = Best choice 😉
  12. So you advise me to just use the fastest DNS with the best privacy and forget about malware blocking?
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