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  1. My motherboard comes with the Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 5 software. Today a Malwarebytes scan scan detected this malware in the app's folder: creative.sbconnect.dll Ficheiro: 1 Malware.Heuristic.1008, C:\PROGRAM FILES\WINDOWSAPPS\CREATIVETECHNOLOGYLTD.SOUNDBLASTERCONNECT_2.2.15.0_X86__13FCDA18MHDZ2\CREATIVE.SBCONNECT.DLL, Nenhuma Ação pelo Utilizador, 1000001, 0, 1.0.40498, 0000000000000000000003F0, dds, 01248262, C701ADEB97BBF452888480829DD8745F, A8B1F583C7216E458597C86B71E77E9EC3A68D338C29C966F702E1B471AFE1E2 Should I remove it? The software is legit.
  2. I've figured it out. When the first process uses svchost.exe, MWFC will show you a popup. If you allow it, MWFC creates a rule for it, but limited to the IP adresses and ports that process used. Then, every time another process uses svchost.exe from different IP addresses or ports, it will get automatically blocked, not even a popup is shown.
  3. I'm using learning mode, and I see in the blocked outbound connections log that MWFC blocked OneDrive, yet OneDrive is allowed in the rules and works fine, I don't understand. It also shows numerous blocks for svchost, cryptography services and antimalware executable, they're also all allowed in the rules. I didn't get a popup. No one here knows why this happens?
  4. Oh crap... Malwarebytes Browser Guard is the only extension that I'm using that isn't' from the Microsoft Store, and makes he have to enable extensions from other locations. It's hurting my OCD 🤪
  5. Should not take long then... lets wait.
  6. Could you add the Browser Guard extension to Microsoft Store, signed by Microsoft? As now, no install it, we have to enable "allow extensions from other stores". That in itself is a security risk.
  7. The option "secure rules" isn't what it used to be, you've changed it. Now it will remove all rules that aren't from those two groups, windows firewall control and temporary rules. My question is, what will happen after it removes all the other rules? Mine has many rules that belong to other groups, like Home Group, Remote Assistance, Windows Media Player...? If I need to use something from those rules, will it not work? Or will Firewall Control create its own rules for it?
  8. I said disable, turn off. Tens de desligar "Registar sempre o Malwarebytes no Windows Security Center", depois já vai dar para ligar a proteção em tempo real do Windows Defender. Both.
  9. Windows defender is a traditional antivirus, Malarebytes works differently. Use both.
  10. No adblock? Or using built-in? I couldn't live without it. I'm also not using many others... I use the Windows Defender Browser Protection, that gives browsers the same protection present in Edge.
  11. If you use Malwarebytes Browser Guard, why also use another one? it will only slow your browser down.
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