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  1. It seems like it's better, but somtimes the processes are still jumping in usage (1 - 30%) in Task Manager... Mostly "Service Host" ones, System interrupts, Microsoft Software Protection Platform Service, Microsoft compatibility telemetry... CS:GO for example runs normally, but when I'm on desktop or playing i.e. Modern Warfare the disk usage and CPU spike to 100% every minute, and the GPU is at only 10% usage for some reason but I have 100FPS in game. When the disk usage jumps to 100%, everything completely lags out, game completely freezes for a few seconds, then after that it starts to stutter, after that it becomes normal again. It happens every minute or so but only in some games and when surfing the web or leaving the PC idle on desktop. Also, when I'm stressing the GPU it stays at 2-3% usage??? All other games have become laggy too, except for CSGO which runs completely fine and when I play it, the GPU usage is OK, around 30%, just like it used to be before. Maybe you know the fix for this. I have a feeling that the last Windows update ruined everything. Here is a screenshot when that disk spike happens (disk usage goes UP, CPU usage goes DOWN):
  2. No worries about the small SSD, I have a 2TB hard drive too. Only Windows and some programs are installed on the SSD. Here is the log: Fixlog.txt
  3. I would also like to add that every couple of minutes my SSD usage jumps to 100% and my game completely freezes even though it's on the HDD. Also, CPU is at 100% usage at all times when playing. Could this really be because of the KMS activator?
  4. Here you go: malwarebytes scan log.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. Hello. I didn't buy a Windows license so I downloaded a KMS activator and now I'm infected. I read that the KMS software is responsible for high CPU usage and now I need it completely removed. Here are the files you need: Addition.txt FRST.txt
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