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  1. Maurice - Thank you so much for the help (and diligence to follow up!) I didn't see the email with the link to your post. I just did the offline scan, it rebooted, and I'm now logged in - but trying to find out how to see the scan results.
  2. I noted on a previous post (another topic) that MBAM doesn't scan (layman's terms) data files in scans. i.e. txt, doc, pdf etc - It only scans those with real time protection. Does that mean it will only verify these are virus free if opened? I'm having problems on a PC - brand new hard drives in RAID 1, clean Windows 10 install, all oem software installs. The only thing ported over were my data files. PC worked great for 10 days, now starting to have same random problems. I'd like to be able to scan ALL files. Is there a way to do that? THanks!!
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