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  1. Nasdaq, I haven't received a threat notification since 2:48 on 3/25. I believe all is well. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello, attached is the fixlst.txt I created per instructions. I have not seen any detections since yesterday afternoon. There was a forum topic created yesterday by EsterD and answered by Zynthesist stating that ip address would have the ip block removed. Related? I do not have Internet Explorer synced but I had Chrome synced to the win 7 system. I did a clean and reset on Chrome and flipped sync off when this started. Thanks for the help.fixlist.txt
  3. Hello, on 3/24/20, I started getting RTP detection Malicious Website Blocked Outbound Category Trojan alerts on two separate systems (win7, win 8.1). They all have the same IP address identified (Akamai Technologies) but different domains and filenames. Filenames are Explorer.exe, Chrome and sometimes blank. They will start after system boot (no browser active) and sporadically throughout the day (chrome active). I ran Threat scan and it was clean. I ran ADWcleaner and it quarantined two PUPs. I restarted system and still have same issue. I added Malwarebytes Chrome extension an
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