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  1. Thank you @exile360 and @Porthos the tool completed the repair after a restart and re-installed Malwarebytes and it is running normally now. Thank you!
  2. mbst-grab-results.zipHere are the logs, my apologies
  3. Wait it finally completed, I am attaching logs shortly.
  4. I have run the "Get logs" action and when it gets to running FRST it sits there for a long time and cannot finish. I also tried the repair procedure in the tool and it cannot complete this either, it gets stuck on saving settings. This is a brand new gaming computer, it is not underpowered or anything.
  5. I have MalwareBytes on a new computer running Windows 10 Pro. After I purchased and activated the premium license it was fine for a few days and suddenly stopped working. It shows it's running in the task manager but the dashboard will not come up and it does not show in the taskbar. If I try to quit the application in task manager it but it says Access denied. This is the same if I reboot the computer. i tried uninstalling and it says action failed. Please advise what I should do next to get it working again. Thank you, Erik
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