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  1. This person seems to experiencing the same issue as me back in 2016. Would you be able to look at their fix and let me know if there is any similarities? I would like to keep my accountability software, and anytime I download it, the next day, I experience the same problem with my DNS. Our current plan is not practical for longevity. Thanks. Attached is the link: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/601740/dns-probe-finished-nxdomain-issue/
  2. I found a solution! I uninstalled a program called Covenant Eyes! It's an accountability program that monitors screen activity using a VPN.
  3. To be more specific about on demand, I uninstall certain programs and that makes me lose internet. To be more specific, I had turned off features and that removed my internet, and then I turned the same features back on and that returned my internet back.
  4. Yes, I can make it happen on demand. Well, yes there was onetime I had malware bytes installed, and I turned on features that seemed to reconnect back to the internet.
  5. I lost internet connectivity again this morning. Here are the new FRST and addition files that I ran.FRST.txtAddition.txt
  6. I had to revert back the DNS and IP settings because an error came up with google dns settings.
  7. It says "Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resourece (DNS server) is not responding.
  8. I'll do that. And yes, I often find that once I install an any virus software ( like malware bytes or bitdefender) and uninstall it, it produces it.
  9. I powered off my router last night around 11pm, and I don't really use microsoft teams but it's downloaded automatically with my microsoft office download. DESKTOP-TJR1CE9.zip DESKTOP-TJR1CE9.zip
  10. If the issue arises again, should I run FBAR and send my logs in then wait for you to respond? Maybe the logs will show what's wrong when I'm actually experiencing the issue.
  11. It's not just web browsers. It's all applications requiring internet. It seems likely a malware affecting my network connectivity.
  12. Will getting a new memory? I have a m.2 drive work? Or getting a new CPU? I am willing to get those things if you believe those would work in resolving this.
  13. I don't know what the issue is. My browsers say that the internet connection was reset, and I can't get internet access afterwards. Well, he had used it, and this is unfortunately where we are with the internet.
  14. Also, would it help if I posted the website of the program that my friend used to try to activate windows? He used the program KMSpico, and he said that he accidentally downloaded the wrong one off of google. Since then, I have been having this issue.
  15. Do you have any recommendations for IT companies I can send my desktop into to get looked at?
  16. here is the fixlog. How do I go about backing up my system, so I can reboot back to it when I need to? Fixlog.txt
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