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  1. Hey Maurice, Ok thanks that is a relief! I checked the updates for Windows Defender as you explained, everything looks in order now. [1] Malwarebytes didn't find anything suspicious, I attach the report. [2] Microsoft Safety Scanner didn't find anything neither! I attach the log as well. --> Well I think that everything is OK then, I was maybe too suspicious but at least it is good that I made a full check of my PC! Thanks a lot for everything Maurice! Best regards Malwarebytes_report.txt msert.log
  2. Hello Maurice, Sorry for the delay of my answer! So if I understand correctly everything from Rkill, Windows Defender and Autoruns is normal, so nothing to worry about? Concerning the Windows Defender scan it was a Full scan not a Quick scan, but it went fast since I don't have many files on my computer it is quite recent. Concerning the Windows Defender update I didn't really understand, can't I directly update windows defender from the parameters menu? Thanks again for your help!
  3. Hi Maurice, Thank you for your reply! Here are the outputs of the various steps: [1]: See Rkill.txt [2]: Indeed I'm on Windows 10 64-bit. There is an error when I try to run your command (even in admin mode), cf. "error_windows_defender.PNG" screenshot, so I went manually through Windows Defender and run the Full Scan. The output of the scan is in the screenshot "windows_defender_full_scan_results.PNG": it is in French but i says: "No current threat. Last analysis: 25-03-2020 11:06. 0 threats found. The analysis laster 7 minutes 30 seconds. 737696 files analyzed." [3]
  4. Hello, I recently suspected that my computer may be infected with a virus. I have analyzed the processes running on it with Process Explorer, in particular the svchost.exe process which seems to be used a lot to load infected .dlls. According to my research, in Process Explorer in the Session column, the value associated with a svchost.exe process must always be 0. However, I found 4 svchost.exe processes whose Session value is 1 or 2, cf. . screenshot: [img] https://imgur.com/a/JROlLWn [/ img] These processes are linked to Windows services which seems normal in appearance, except that at the
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