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  1. This should be all of them. I'd also like to inform you that, after using AdwCleaner, It detected one file that has a very odd name. You should be able to see it in the text file. FRST.txt Scan22320.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  2. I was reaching step 3 when Malwarebytes stopped FRST.exe from running, It was tagged as Ransomware. I do have the other two scanfiles.
  3. Hello, forum. I've been dealing with these annoying popups for the last two days, and I've only made an account here to try and resolve it. Each time I open a tab, a tab is reloaded, or a tab is moved, I get a popup saying that Malwarebytes has blocked a Trojan. They come in batches of 3 popups, then go away for a few minutes. Heres what I did to try and Resolve the issue so far. - Scanned my Computer 3 times - Looked through my extensions - Scanned specifically my Chrome.exe and the folder its in - Enabled Rootkit Scanning and Scanned (Again) Please help me, before this drives me insane. Also, sorry if my post is disorganized, vague, or bad in any way shape or form.
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