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  1. So in the last fixlist there was no Profile-Name needed. If its needed now i can replace it after downloading. So i ran KVRT, it only fount a file in the Quarantine-Folder of Adware.
  2. Attached the Logfiles. Please note, that i replaced all Profile-Names with "XXXXXX" cause of privacy. Thank you very much for your help Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C04].txt AdwCleaner[S04].txt FRST.txt MWB Scan Log 25.03.2020.txt
  3. Ok, i will do that. btw. its not justv that game, there are several programs which i cant start
  4. Just to go sure, i have to redo all the steps? Like i wrote in first post i already did this steps. So you want me to repeat it?
  5. EDIT: Java is uninstalled and System Restore Point is activated
  6. Thank you very much. Fixlog.txt is attached. After doing this steps i have problems with starting a game from steam. You think it could caused by the changes? Many greets Fixlog.txt
  7. Hello, in the last days i noticed sometimes a command-window opened up and closes immediately. I was not able to see the content and since now i was not able to reproduce. Because of that i ran MWB and it found a WOW6432Updater. By searching for that i found the post of a user with the same problem. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/241531-wow6432node-updater/ I did the workaround from kevinf80's first answer and hope anybody can help me now, that im safe for now. I hope its not a problem, that my programs run on german. MWB Scan AdwCleaner Scan
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