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  1. Good grief. I'd have sworn I checked that before I asked for all of this help. I am SO SORRY. I'm a twit. Problem appears to be repaired. I've attached the fixlog.txt file anyway. I also manually deleted all of the HP software I no longer need. Thanks for your help. sadaunhe1 Fixlog.txt
  2. OK; I ran FRST64. The program seemed to be working; I couldn't read quickly enough to follow what was being deleted. I have attached the file you requested below. Anysearch is still there. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn off Norton before the restart. I will re-download fixlist.txt and run FRST64 again to see whether this helps. sadaunhe1 Fixlog.txt
  3. I can now report that uninstalling/reinstalling FireFox did NOT fix the problem. Anysearch is still present. Moreover, MalwareBytes Browser Guard now does NOT block Anysearch, when I launch FireFox.
  4. Hello, AdvancedSetup, I've run the software you suggested and have included the reports, below. Nothing seems to have worked. I will remove and reload FireFox to see if this helps. You should know I had previously run your Adwcleaner software, but downloaded it again, in case there had been an update. There had not, but I re-installed it, anyway, before running it. I am running FireFox 74.0 (64 bit), on Windows 10 Pro. I keep Win10 Pro up to date, with automatic updates turned on. The computer is a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th Gen (~18 mo old), Core i5, 16 GB memory, 256 GB SSD. Thanks, so much, for your help. I have relied on MalwareBytes, for several years, to keep me safe from malware. I am very concerned anysearch seems to have found some way to circumvent your safety net. Please let me know, if there is anything else you want me to try. Regards, sadaunhe1 Farbar Recovery Scan Report (2020-03-24 124640).txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. Hello, alvarnell, Thanks for your reply! I'm using Win10 Pro 64-bit. I searched for Windows-specific solutions, but kept turning up only Mac-specific solutions. I turned to MalwareBytes automatically, but it didn't show the redirect (search.anysearchmanager.com), so didn't offer to quarantine or remove the offender. I ran the scan twice with the same results. I reloaded Flash, directly from the website, then I used the "Refresh Firefox" procedure in the Firefox help files. When I relaunch Firefox, the Browser Guard still shows it's blocking the redirect. I'm not sure what else I should do. sadaunhe1
  6. Hello, Everyone, I'm new here. Hopefully, I won't violate any rules. I used to rely on MalwareBytes to remove the search.anysearchmanager.com redirect. I am infected, again. by this annoying malware, in Firefox. MalwareBytes isn't working to remove the redirect. MalwareBytes Browser Guard DOES block the redirect, but MalwareBytes won't scour it. Any suggestions? sadaunhe1
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