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  1. Hello, Yeah it does found a Trojan, and it's cured. Restarted my pc, doing another scan. - 0 threats so far and the issue got fixed Thank you so much
  2. In autoruns scan options, I saw 3 options are on: - Verify code Signatures - Check VirusTotal.com - Submit unknow Images Let me know please if you want scan with Verify code Signatures only. BO_NASER.zip
  3. Hello, Yes I'm still have the issue. But I have good news for you, that could help you to understand this malware and how it works. I made some researches and I found a thread where people sharing this malware for free and for everyone, also they attached the original files. Here is the thread link: https://cracked.to/Thread-Leak-Bitcoin-Wallet-Address-Changer-Via-Clipboard-Open-Source If you are not able to access that link, I will attach below the thread. I attached the original files of this sealer, if you are not able to access the attachment for any reasons, here is the link of the script: https://github.com/Souhardya/bitcoinstealer Please help me to delete this Thanks bitcoinstealer-master.rar
  4. Dear, Attached everything you have been asked for. Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes report.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  5. The address that getting changed for is #1 3N3E1b44PZBoXbSAok3Edn5cU6rm1SBsNH and now it's getting changed to this one #2 18d5Sj9FJgXkGjgbRkorTC8JQK5FtU9oxU
  6. Dear All, I'm facing an issue with my copy data, specifically with BTC address, If I copy any BTC address and I want to pay for it, once I paste it it's adding completely different address, not the one I copied. I tried to run malwarebytes with all my files and it's not fix that issue. Here is a video recorded from my pc: https://youtu.be/D3-ypBqKcF4 Please advice how I can fix this issue, without format my pc.
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