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  1. That's interesting, I'm blocked on both laptop & desktop with FireFox. Both are on different versions of Win10, one is 2004 while another is 1909.
  2. Oh, sorry; that was the link on the site. I just tried that link & it is indeed blocked.
  3. My apologies, here's the full link: https://store.laplink.com/59/purl-20200317-page-PCmExfree-freedl
  4. Since the removal of Windows Easy Transfer Tool in Windows 10, Microsoft partnered with LapLink; thus recommending their product "PCMover Express" as an alternate migration tool. Website blocked due to a suspicious download Download blocked: pcmoverexp_dl.exe
  5. Website blocked due to trojan Website blocked: eplayvid.com
  6. Purity8


    Thanks a bunch!
  7. Purity8


    TLD: Re-Block: http://www.quantuwang.cc http://www.xiuren.online/ Trojan: https://www8.dramanice.movie/
  8. Thank you! It's disabled now and mp3 download no longer auto-cancels.
  9. I can confirm, it's not there for me neither. "Settings" is not where to be found. Not even in Firefox MBG's Add-Ons page.
  10. I've added the site to the allow list but..there's too many blocks to add them all. Is there a way I can downgrade to free version without waiting XX amount of days until Trial ends?
  11. Many of my bookmarks were suddenly blocked (or maybe re-blocked?) after 4.2.0. I didn't expect the trial version to kick in as soon as I updated Malwarebytes. I've been catching up with SAO & today's supposed to be the day of the new episode release 😒. http://ww4.watchsao.tv/
  12. I do not believe this system is capable of running Win10 but I could be wrong. Thank you, I was already planning to uninstall majority of these programs. VdhCoApp 1.3.0 is an add-on addition of the FireFox extension Video DownloadHelper's Companion Application that's required for downloading videos outside the browser. There's a similar application with the extension Ant Video Downloader that also uses a Native Application that functions the same way.
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