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  1. Website blocked due to trojan Website blocked: eplayvid.com
  2. Purity8


    Thanks a bunch!
  3. Purity8


    TLD: Re-Block: http://www.quantuwang.cc http://www.xiuren.online/ Trojan: https://www8.dramanice.movie/
  4. Thank you! It's disabled now and mp3 download no longer auto-cancels.
  5. I can confirm, it's not there for me neither. "Settings" is not where to be found. Not even in Firefox MBG's Add-Ons page.
  6. I've added the site to the allow list but..there's too many blocks to add them all. Is there a way I can downgrade to free version without waiting XX amount of days until Trial ends?
  7. Many of my bookmarks were suddenly blocked (or maybe re-blocked?) after 4.2.0. I didn't expect the trial version to kick in as soon as I updated Malwarebytes. I've been catching up with SAO & today's supposed to be the day of the new episode release 😒. http://ww4.watchsao.tv/
  8. No, that's all. Thanks for everything.
  9. I do not believe this system is capable of running Win10 but I could be wrong. Thank you, I was already planning to uninstall majority of these programs. VdhCoApp 1.3.0 is an add-on addition of the FireFox extension Video DownloadHelper's Companion Application that's required for downloading videos outside the browser. There's a similar application with the extension Ant Video Downloader that also uses a Native Application that functions the same way.
  10. No detections were found deom Eset Online Scan, only a few unwanted programs. Here's the SecurityCheck log. SecurityCheck.txt
  11. Also a side note, Malwarebytes seems to be blocking RevoSetup.exe (Revo Uninstaller) detecting it as Malware.AI on that system. It could also be that it's in Premium trial. The file downloads fine on this desktop that has Malwarebytes also installed, but free version.
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