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  1. Conventional wisdom used to be that one should not run multiple real-time virus scanners simultaneously. I just discovered that my wife is running both the paid version of Malwarebytes ( and the paid version of McAfee (16.0 R25 or 18.5, depending on where you look) on her Windows 10 Home machine (not sure which major version). Both real-time scanners are ON. Is that a bad idea? Should she turn one or the other real-time scanner off, or can they play well together nowadays? Thanks for any clarification! -- JCW2
  2. Thanks, all, for the education. I'll just have to trust that MWB Free actually scans where I tell it to (although scanning other than the Windows volume sounds like a waste of time) and to combine it with a real-time signature-type scanner for the most comprehensive protection. -- JCW2T
  3. Exile360 -- Thanks for the prompt and informative response. If I understand you correctly: >>...if you are using a custom scan then Malwarebytes should be scanning where you tell it to.<< [Emphasis mine] There is no practical way to verify that this is actually happening; and >>Malwarebytes targets active threats via an advanced heuristics detection engine rather than using traditional AV style signatures/database... ...Malwarebytes will be very unlikely to detect any inactive/dormant files that might be on your secondary drives.<< the frequent updates taken by Malwarebytes are not signature files, as I had supposed, but something else; and "dormant" files (which I interpret to mean potential malware waiting to be executed rather than malware that is actually running) will not be recognized by Malwarebytes until/unless they are executed. Unfortunately, this last conclusion (if correct) seems to imply that they will never be recognized by the free version, which does not have on-access scanning. (At least I seem to be using the correct approach with the free version of combining it with another, signature-based, on-access scanner.) Am I basically correct, or is my ignorance still blinding me? -- JCW2
  4. I understand from searching the forum that Malwarebytes is not intended to detect the Eicar signature in an on-demand scan. The argument seems to be that it would detect such a real virus with one of the other capabilities built into the premium version when running on-access (if I understand correctly). So here are my problems: 1) I don't have the premium version; I'm using the free version only as an on-demand scanner to back up the on-access scanning built into Windows 10 Pro (vs.1909 at present). Let's not wander off right now into discussion of whether this is a safe or unsafe approach... 2) Having installed Malwarebytes free, I was looking for a way to verify that it is actually scanning where I think it's scanning. Therefore I want to plant a test file there. Malwarebytes does not detect Eicar (of course) but Windows Defender does. This may mean that Windows Defender is not as capable in the grand scheme of things, but it still leaves me without a test for Malwarebytes. Could somebody please provide a solution to these problems? -- JCW2
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