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  1. Conventional wisdom used to be that one should not run multiple real-time virus scanners simultaneously. I just discovered that my wife is running both the paid version of Malwarebytes ( and the paid version of McAfee (16.0 R25 or 18.5, depending on where you look) on her Windows 10 Home machine (not sure which major version). Both real-time scanners are ON. Is that a bad idea? Should she turn one or the other real-time scanner off, or can they play well together nowadays? Thanks for any clarification! -- JCW2
  2. Thanks, all, for the education. I'll just have to trust that MWB Free actually scans where I tell it to (although scanning other than the Windows volume sounds like a waste of time) and to combine it with a real-time signature-type scanner for the most comprehensive protection. -- JCW2T
  3. Exile360 -- Thanks for the prompt and informative response. If I understand you correctly: >>...if you are using a custom scan then Malwarebytes should be scanning where you tell it to.<< [Emphasis mine] There is no practical way to verify that this is actually happening; and >>Malwarebytes targets active threats via an advanced heuristics detection engine rather than using traditional AV style signatures/database... ...Malwarebytes will be very unlikely to detect any inactive/dormant files that might be on your secondary drives.<< the frequent up
  4. I understand from searching the forum that Malwarebytes is not intended to detect the Eicar signature in an on-demand scan. The argument seems to be that it would detect such a real virus with one of the other capabilities built into the premium version when running on-access (if I understand correctly). So here are my problems: 1) I don't have the premium version; I'm using the free version only as an on-demand scanner to back up the on-access scanning built into Windows 10 Pro (vs.1909 at present). Let's not wander off right now into discussion of whether this is a safe or unsafe app
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