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  1. Now it's getting interesting! These file structures have not existed for 1 year! That was with my old host! I don't have a 404 folder on the new server. And the DT-The7 Theme is now OVERLAP! Where did you get the data from?
  2. Thank you. But wouldn't it make more sense to change the problem directly in the editor? That the tens of thousands of WordPress users don't have the same problem? It took me days to find the error why your software is working? So that you remove the Cldup.com?
  3. It's about Wordpress "the GUTENBERG EDITOR" it sends a report via cldup.com (IP 192 0 77 17)! The problem has everyone who created a website with Wordpress. This is not a TROJANER but only a report to the manufacturer for the purpose of improvement. Please take that out with you. It took me a long time to find the error. But EVERYONE has the problem
  4. Please have a look here is no malware or anything else. It can be the Gutenberg Editor with the CLDUP. Please unlock! www.kids-express.de www.kinder-express.de www.zauberer-saarland.com www.deine-stickdatei.de www.vision-ex.de www.snake20x.de They are all still on different hosters. Say the probability that everyone gets the same trojan = 0
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