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  1. I can access the site now, and browser guard is performing as expected. Many thanks for the quick response....
  2. Gonzo, I'll report back, and thanks. Adv, do you mean sites or TLDs? If sites, then blacklist individually of course. If TLDs, I still maintain it can be said for others as well. no matter though, I'll check my site and report back. The quick response is greatly appreciated, many thanks.
  3. That strikes as as an overly broad statement, perhaps more appropriately applied to .cc or others, perhaps any TLD. However, as a MWB premium customer who loves this product and supports them wholeheartedly, I'm happy to standby and wait to be whitelisted....
  4. Why arbitrarily block all .info domains (if what I heard is correct)? My domain www.glass411.info is blocked... Please whitelist and thanks.
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