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  1. There are no details listed on the receipt, other than "used HDD". I will try to talk her into getting the SSD drive. I assume I have to get one compatible with the machine. I have never shopped for a hard drive before, so need some guidance, please. I will list here all the details I can, numbers, etc., I can find on the bottom of the computer. First off, I can tell you she bought this for around $279 at Wal Mart, about 3 years ago. Seems your basic low end laptop. It does say '500gb hard drive'. Model #: HP 15-1271wm. Serial #: 5CD7418NZ8. Product #: NY504UA#ABA. IC: 6317A-RTL8188
  2. I know I was recommended to get an SSD drive. My wife kind of runs the budget and just "wanted her computer fixed"(she's knows nothing about computers, I have to tell her everything). So we did not give any specific instructions to the shop as to the "type" of hard drive to replace it with. I still find it very odd for a hard drive, even used, to completely go after only 3 months. And she hardly uses the thing. Maybe they were trying to save us money by installing a "used" drive, whatever that means. I don't know the condition it was in. I would like to talk my wife into getting hers
  3. Back in April my wife's laptop suddenly stopped working. Long story short, I had to take it into the shop and they determined it was a bad hard drive and replaced it and added another copy of Windows 10. I might mention the receipt said it was a "used" hard drive that was put in.(I didn't think of this much at the time). My wife's computer has been working fine for three months. Then suddenly, earlier tonight, with no warning, she turned it on and got a dark screen that said the following. This is a HP 15 laptop: "Boot device not found. Please install an operating system on your hard disk
  4. OK, an update. Finally got this thing fixed by the shop. Took forever because they were working less hours due to the virus. They replaced the hard drive and put in a new copy of Windows 10. It cost me $100, with $75 of that coming from the labor. Everything seems fine now. Only question I have someone can walk me through. They gave it back to me with their own user with some unknown password, as when I log in it just goes in without me doing anything. I don't like this, and want to change the user name to my name and to put in a good strong password. Can someone walk me through
  5. Does this sound like an "expensive" repair, as computer shop repairs go, in general? I know you don't know exactly what is wrong from the wording, which is all the information I can give you. Sure would like to get into that F2 System Diagnostics as it instructs me, but nothing happens when I click F and 2, unfortunately. Any other combination of letters/numbers to maybe get "inside" and find out some more information? I doubt it, but just asking. I talked to another guy tonight who said it sounds like my hard drive just "went" or is in the process of "going", but nothing more than that. He di
  6. Can I re-post this topic on other computer forums for other opinions? Last time I did that, I got into trouble. I would like to re-post on other forums for additional responses, without this topic getting shut down. Can I do this, or how can I do this without violating any Malwarebytes forum policy. Thanks.
  7. Not sure where to post this, so if made a mistake, sorry, and please re-post it in the proper forum. My laptop(Windows 10) was fine when I closed it down the other night, then the next day, trouble. Saw the following message on my screen: "Boot Device Not Found. Please install an operating system on your hard disk. HARD DISK (3FO)." "SMART Hard Disk Error--The SMART hard disk check has detected an imminent failure. To ensure no data loss, please back up the content immediately and run the hard disk test in System Diagnostics(F2)." "No hard drive installed. Please check power and data cables a
  8. My topic "Hacker has made himself administrator of my PC". It was closed by moderator AdvancedSetup. I am still upset over this. I would like this post answered by the TOP moderator at Malwarebytes. Continuing- What would you have done if I slightly altered my post in the other forum, instead of copying and pasting it word for word? I also would like to know how you found out I was posting at G2G. I have always valued Malwarebytes products, downloads, forums, etc., over the years. This is the first time I have had this problem. As I said in my other
  9. I have a very frustrating problem. For months now, a hacker has been on my computer calling himself "Jack". He is listed among the users when I start my computer. While he appears to not have done any "serious" damage he has done something which is very frustrating to get around and prevents me from doing certain things. More on that later. I can surf and browse normally with no apparent interference. I only became aware of "Jack" when I tried to change a setting on my computer and up popped a strange looking large box in the middle of my computer. He mostly stops me from cha
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