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  1. In Avast everything is clean. I run also Spyhunter 5 and cleaned several other identified malware. Let's hope everything is solved. Thx for support! Lawrence
  2. I am not using Bitdefender anymore on this system. It was causing me big delays and the system was very slow... I reinstalled Avast. Thanx for the help. Cheers.
  3. Attached the new file. I hope that after restart the issue will be gone. Cheers, Lawrence malware bytes 1.txt
  4. Attached output.txt Cheers output.txt
  5. Unfortunately again Glupteba on Malwarebytes Premium report. It seems extremely resilient. The same situation with Adw scan. Thx, Lawrence glupteba 2.txt AdwCleaner[S09].txt
  6. Hello Maurice, Attached the ESET file. Thx, Lawrence eset.txt
  7. Attached are the two reports. Thx. report malware.txt AdwCleaner[C06].txt
  8. Attached is the file! Thx! mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. I have Malwarebytes Premium but cannot get rid of Glupteba malware. Attached are the files from FRST. Please help me get back the control of my system. Thx. LDR Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Porthos It worked. Thx. Managed to install it but still having trouble with Glupteba. Going to take exile 360 advice further and trying to get rid of it. Thx again!
  11. I had a free version of Malwarebytes. Today I purchased a registration key for premium edition for 4 years. I managed to register it and it worked. When trying to update the version of malwarebytes the update was not working. So I followed the instructions and I tried the MB support utility and afterwards tried to performed the clean install. Afterwards I received Error no. 5 and malwarebytes vanished completely from the system. All methods of re-install have failed. I've run MBAR and the results are attached. I cleaned the infection, but still cannot install Malwarebytes. How should I reinstall it and get rid of the malware? Thx.
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