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  1. Hello, I already clean up the Chrome and Malwarebytes scan is clean. I'm still having trouble getting my roll-up, even after 4 hours is not installed
  2. I'm having trouble to install 2019-09 Security Monthly Quality Rollup, no trouble installing Malwarebytes and still finding 395 unwanted programs. I already quarantine it. This is the scan result Malwarebytes scan.txt
  3. Hello, I already manage to get the Windows Update up and running, but there's one update that I can't install, hopefully its just because of my slow connection. I will try to install malwarebytes later and I'll get back to you with the result
  4. Hello, this is the result with Microsoft Safety Scanner and I already did the last step above msert.log
  5. Hello, I already did the last step you told me and Windows Update is working, literally a notification show up while it didn't before, currently downloading the update as I typing this. They are about 35 threats found by Kaspersky antivirus, I already delete everything, but I couldn't find any log from Kaspersky though This is the new log before I used Kaspersky antivirus FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Hello, this is the scan result system-log.txt mbar-log-2021-05-15 (08-03-11).txt
  7. Hello, I tried to install Windows 7 SP2, but I got this warning instead
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