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  1. Cheers thanks. The fastest possible speed isn't my highest priority, which in any case is a highly movable feast. What's todays maximum performance will be tomorrow's swimming through glue - at least in some people's opinion. How fast is fast enough I wonder? Just one exampe - where I live, superfast broadband isn't available. On a good day, I get 7.5mb down and 1mb up. Thats more than fast enough to stream video if thats what I want to do. Upload would nice if were a lot faster. I'm a photographer who frequently needs to upload big files and that can take a while, during which time I can't really do much else on-line. But I have a really good solution. Get the files ready to upload. At 5:30pm, start the upload and go to the pub for an hour. When I come back they've all uploaded. Works every time!
  2. Thats the long term intention and interesting that you say this PC will run Win 10 OK. I have previously been advised that its not got enough guts to do it properly. For the time being I need to keep this one running though, hence these two sophisticated defence products. Thanks again for your expertise.
  3. My aplogies - should have mentioned it with first post. Its been there as long as I've had this computer and as MS are stiill issuing definition updates I had left it on, even though I subsequently purchased your premium version, and AVG full version. Have done as you asked, uninstalled MS Security Essentials and restarted. Malwarebytes is now running properly. I won't be putting Security Essentials back! Most grateful for your help. The quality of support from this forum is FANTASTIC!
  4. I have exactly the same problem as is this topic: which started today. Although it pops up a message warning me of this, with a button to Turn On, clicking does nothing. A full scan comes up clean. I also have AVG Internet Security (full package) installed with the MalwareBytes directories added to its Exceptions list. A full system scan with AVG also comes up clean. As a result of a previous problem, now solved thanks to Porthos, I have the MWB Suppprt Tool (version downloaded. Please advise me on how to resolve this problem
  5. Yes it did - Started up as the free version, clicked on Activate Licence, pasted in my Licence key and it jumped to the Premium screen. Many thanks indeed. Just completed a full scan - all clear. I wonder what caused it (idle curiosity)
  6. Hi Porthos Thanks for that - followed your instruction re using the Support Tool, but I'm afraid it didn't work. After clicking on "Clean" got the expected "remove all Malwarebytes" which I OKd. I was then asked if I wanted to reinstall which I also OKd. It ran for a little while, then put up an error message "Malwarebytes for Windows installation has been cancelled". (I have a feeling that was the error message which popped up when this problem first appeared). Clicking OK on that simply takes me back to the Support Tool. Whats different is that I haven't been told the computer needs to be rebooted as described in the support tool instructions. I've also just checked via Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel - Malwarebytes isn't listed and I notice the desktop icon has now disappeared. Also, "If you have activated Malwarebytes using a license key, this will be backed up so you will not need to reinput during post cleanup reinstallation". I can't see where this backup is (desktop not showing anything) I do know what it is because I have the original email from when I purchased, and if I log into my Malwarebytes account is shows it there as well. I added: C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes to AVG's "Exceptions" as per your recommendation before I started this excercise so I don't think AVG is getting in the way. BTW - I'm in the UK so we have a few hours time difference - might be tomorrow before I can get back to you again. Thanks for your help in anticipation!
  7. On 12 March a Malwarebytes message appeared offering an upgrade which I accepted. However, when it came to needing to restart, an error message was issued (Sorry didn't make a note of it) and after restarting, Malwarebytes is not running. Tried a manual restart, same result. Task Manager has no entries for Malwarebytes. Clicking the desktop icon, produces "Unable to connect to service". Win 7 x64 Pro (yes I know its no longer supported by MS but for the moment I have to stick with this machine and is one of the reasons I purchased Malwarebytes Premium ). More recently I also purchased AVG Internet Security (full package). Until this error appeared, both products seemed to be working quite happily alongside each other. Most recent full scan with AVG (yesterday) came up clean. Lastly there is also the rather basic Microsoft Security Essentials which was installed on this machine when I bought it. MS are still issuing definition updates for it so I've left it on. Looing through this forum I think something went wrong during the update process (my broadband speed isn't very good) but I would welcome detailed instructions on restoring Malwarebytes to full operations. When it was running I have seen the occasional warning about certain websites wanting to install PUPs so it has certainly been doing its job!
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