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  1. Last follow up. Because I found the solution! nikhils contacted me almost immediately after my previous public post. An exchange or two (in private messages, of course); and after that it's been super quiet again for 2 weeks, despite me contacting him/her twice. Not a single word. So I went on my own troubleshooting hunt. The very first VPN from another vendor I installed works great with Dimension4. Right away. No issues. No BSODs either. My solution: I uninstalled that piece of junk code that is called Privacy. It won't be reinstalled, and the license won't be renewed. Unfortu
  2. Alright, quick follow-up; and frankly it's because I'm getting tired of not hearing anything back from the staff member who was "communicating" with me. nikhils up there, on January 29, told me that they were able to reproduce the issue in-house and that it clearly is a defect. In a few private messages that same person said there was a new version which fixed the problem, as tested in-house. I downloaded the new version; but it didn't fix the issue for me. From there on things got a bit, say "un-support like". He/she blamed it on the program being many years old and unsupported
  3. No go. Last resync was a little after midnight. I suspect it synchronized right after rebooting, and before the VPN started running. I turned off Privacy, and before I had the chance to sync manually it D4 had already taken care of it. I'lll try the other suggestions; but it would be really nice if that could be fixed.
  4. Initial test, before rebooting, is negative. I have D4 set to sync every 60 minutes; and as of now it is still showing "waiting until online". Both programs involved were restarted as soon as I saw Porthos's reply. I will reboot now and report back tomorrow.
  5. Oops! Saw this reply a bit after I replied. Added Dimension 4 to the exceptions. I will try that, and see what happens. Thanks!!
  6. Split tunneling? Sounds exiting! And sounds like the solution to my issue. I will try your suggestions, though. It's not much of a problem to turn the VPN off and on once a day and sync manually; but it's easy to forget and can get me in serious trouble with the law. Not looking forward to that. Again, thank you.
  7. Hi all. I use a number of software packages that control and turn on/off external hardware. They must have excellent timing to do so; and do so by contacting various NTP servers. The built-in Windows time "synchronization" is woefully unreliable and inaccurate. W7 was OK, W8 was horrible. W10 is better; but still not up to my standards. Instead, most people in my shoes uses a program called Dimension 4. It's freeware; Google it if you want to try it. But: I notice that as long as MB Privacy is running Dimension 4 can't reach any of the NTP servers. And after a day or so my
  8. E_J

    Blue Screen of Death

    Quick a follow-up: I just updated to, and all is still well. PC has been running for 6+ days in a row now, without downtime or crashes. Thank you!
  9. E_J

    Blue Screen of Death

    Well, no BSOD this time. And Malwarebytes is up to date; plus I have the beta program updates turned on. I guess only time will tell; but for the time being: thank you neighbor! Stay safe out there.
  10. E_J

    Blue Screen of Death

    I went to Programs and Features; but neither of those 2 entries existed. Most likely because I already uninstalled it last night. And I rebooted. Next I installed the beta from the post you referred to. Interestingly the default installation path didn't work ("invalid path" message); so I created a new directory for it. I'm about to click the "ON" button; but will have to submit my reply here first - just in case.
  11. E_J

    Blue Screen of Death

    Beautiful San Antonio. I miss it. Never thought I'd see the Alamodome used for mass-vaccinations. I will try that beta. Earlier, after reading some other posts, I tried to download it via MBAM's interface. Didn't work. Zip file attached. Thank you very much. I'd really like to get this to work without all the horrible crashes. mbst-grab-results.zip
  12. I am delighted (take that with a grain of salt) that I found this topic. Ever since installed Privacy I have had dozens of PC crashes. BSOD. No apparent reason. Windows event viewer tells me nothing that's directly related to Privacy; sometimes even refers to "possible power failures". Around the same time this started was a big update for Windows 10. Lots of problems reported with that too; so I've had my hands fully troubleshooting. Even replacing my primary SSD with a new one, to the tune of $100. I eventually removed Privacy; resulting in a fairly stable PC. Yesterday, after
  13. No joy. I could not get that page to load properly on my dumbphone; so I tried an Incognito window in Chrome: So that's the message I got after logging into PayPal, then being redirected to the estore again. I may have lost track by now; but what I didn't see this time - after clicking OK - was red fields. At all. So that may be some kind of improvement. Unfortunately, after clicking Next on the following screen, I got to see "Order Processing" for a while, then back to the same popup. Ad infinitum. Sigh.
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