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  1. Alright I will keep these security precautions in my mind, and yeah my windows version is 1909/up-to-date. thanks a lot
  2. Everything is fine now, I scanned with ESET online, Malwarebytes, Kaspersky, MSRT, and no detections were found at all, and I also downloaded the malwarebytes chrome extention, but I can't afford the premium license so I'll just stick to on-demand scanning
  3. I think most of the scans that had my games in it were just trainers, and I already deleted all of them. but yeah I will install a clean windows, thank you so much for helping me. this is the best forum that I've ever seen ngl. you can close this topic if you want. ❤️
  4. Sure thing, I will get a new USB Flash and format my SSD C:\ Drive completely and then install a new windows. and I scanned me D drive and F, they are both clean now. this should do it right?
  5. Since Sality only affects .EXE files, can I just delete every EXE in my drive and download them back? this is so much easier than downloading 2.5 TB....
  6. Yeah I've formatted my external, but duude the internal one has everything..., do I really need to format it?... even after ESET and Malwarebytes said that it's clean?
  7. This icon is not in my desktop at all, I've done the extraction several times
  8. Either something is wrong with me or it's not doing what it should, After the extraction is completed nothing happens...
  9. I mean after finishing the extraction https://prnt.sc/rhyc3q, it opens "This PC"
  10. I did it twice and it only opens "This PC" https://prnt.sc/rhybuc
  11. Yeah it's there but it wants to install itself again, https://prnt.sc/rhy736 , and when I go to C:\EEK I don't find any .exe to run
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