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  1. Please accept my apology for not checking; I am indeed running Little Snitch, did not think to check it ... and thought I'd green-lit it to phone home, but discovered I was wrong when I looked. Thanks very much! I now have a clean scan.
  2. No apology necessary, sir! I see there's a threat update available, but pressing the "update now" button isn't doing anything ... scanning again is producing the same results. Possibly worth noting: similar binaries, also locally compiled, would be found under /opt/local, from MacPorts ... but these didn't get detected. Curious why.
  3. The "before you post" directions do not address the Macintosh product, at all. I am unable to export a scan report. The free Mac product is detecting qemu as malware ... unsure how you might do this the right way to detect a rogue installation of qemu, but the ones I built and put in /usr/local/bin ... not malware.
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