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  1. I finally managed to get the Farber tool to run in safe mode. Are the txt files safe and private enough to send up to this venue, do they tell us what to do next? Rob
  2. I've opened the Farber tool from both the desktop and from a thumb drive, both times it ran looking for updates for over an hour. Clicking on the open window results in a "not responding" message. Is there a way to stop the search so I can conduct a scan? For what it is worth, I've tried running Farber with the ethernet cable connected and not. Other than the inability to connect to the internet or install any malware program the computer seems to run just fine.
  3. Also, my restore points are gone. I won't mention what I think of the SOB who put together this virus!
  4. Oh yes, I tried to run the Farber tool but after it opens it gets stuck looking for update files, all the buttons are disabled while it searches, but as I said earlier, there is no internet connection on the infected machine. is there a way to download the updates to a different computer (I have several portable HD drives)?
  5. Has anyone looked at the files above? The infected computer, the one that has had the internet connection disabled by a virus/malware, is (or was) running MWB Premium 4.1.0. MBSetup will not run at all and MBSetup gets to the point of asking for a reboot. After the reboot the screen goes black for a long time but comes back eventually. Right now I want to install a new version of MWB to replace the one now missing on the computer and clean it properly. Then we will look into repairing Windows internet connection without deleting all the apps (has Adobe apps that take days to reinstall due to their paranoia). Rob
  6. OK, I can't find a way to repair/reinstall win 10 without reinstalling all the apps on the computer. I have loads of Adobe apps (that I own- not bootleg) that require days of installation because Adobe is so paranoid they require each set of disks starting with the first version I bought followed by the next etc. In the end Adobe help, the last time I did this, told me I should just buy yet another set of disks which, of coursr they don't sell- it is all in the cloud. Anyway, I've been told there is a way to repair Win 10 with a large thumb drive or a portable HD. So, because MWB didn't stop the virus I had, can you please do two things for me. First, please tell me if the scan I did with your support app cleaned the computer of the virus, then please tell me how to do the repair of Win 10 without the internet the virus KOed. Thanks, Rob
  7. I got bored looking at the screen so I selected repair from the support app. It went through the whole thing and allowed netgear to access the internet as a local device... but still no internet "Malwarebytes for Windows could not be downloaded because of a net work problem". If I now do a restore to an earlier time would that help or how about Windows repair?
  8. I let adwcleaner.exe run 26 hours, the last 14 of which were with a black screen and the cursor in the lower tray just spinning but with no other action. I rebooted and the program looked for internet connection but could not find it. I plugged in the Ethernet cable and nothing. MBSetup.exe starts but the installation screen stalls and nothing loads to in success bar. frst64.exe says it can't run on this computer which is a 64 unit MBsupport looks for internet connection but there is none. I did the above advanced instruction and the log is below. Attached are the logs. Can you help? Rob AdwCleaner[C00].txt AdwCleaner[C01].txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt AdwCleaner[S01].txt mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. Wait a minute, it just started again, or at least the screen is flashing and I assume that means it is checking more files. By the way, I did have the "premium" version of MWB and have had for years. I'm also very cautious about opening any email attachment but have to open some as part of my business.
  10. I installed "mb-support-" and ran scan. After a few hours the sceen is black except for a modified the bottom tray. When I clicked the MS button in the lower left a message appeared saying the application is not responding. What should I do now? Rob
  11. The malware I have disabled the internet connection as well as Malwarebytes premium on the machine. MWB will not re-install or run. I located a forum Q&A discussing that problem so I downloaded and ran adwcleaner.exe. That ran and found a couple of pup files but after reboot it did not appear to make a .txt file. Then I downloaded and ran first64.exe. It appeared to run but there was no file generated and it won't run again- says I don't have permission. I've disconnected the internet cable while I sort out the problem but have another computer that is working on the network. What to do?
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