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  1. Hi again sorry so slow, I ran the tool, then I did the Farbar recovery scan tool and here are the logs. Thank You, Ivan Shalagin FRST.txtAddition.txt
  2. Hi, Sorry I haven't updated this issue in awhile been busy with other things and the covid-19 impact. So I tried running the tool with different policies off, and always got the same error. There was no zip file in %temp%mwb*.tmp, but here is the .txt file that was created. Looks like a lot of timeout error when gathering logs. Thank You. mb-support-log.txt
  3. Hi, I was trying to gather logs because we are getting complaints of slowdown on workstations since starting to use malware bytes. Was hoping to make a post with the logs here and see if there is something we could do to improve performance for the users. Some of the issues that are being reported: Slower file transfer. Slower app launches like Visual Studio and SQL. Slower searches in Visual Studio for specific lines. However the users I have asked to run the support tool in the office to gather logs get the same error as myself. The endpoint management
  4. Hi, I ran the MWBytes support tool in both normal and safemode + networking and got the following errors: --------------------------- Gather Logs --------------------------- We were unable to create mbst-grab-results.zip, please notify Malwarebytes Support. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- I followed the instructions listed here: I'm attaching the logs below. Addition.txt FRST.txt
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