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  1. I found one of my clients having this resolving host issue and the pc had Avast Premium and Malwarebytes Pro running and i jumped the gun and blamed Avast! I put Avast in passive mode and the issue stopped so i figured this was some sort of conflict but i was on the fence since i have a couple terminals running Malwarebytes pro and Avast Premium as well but those computers didnt have this issue. Anyway .. leaving Avast in passive mode permanently was not and option as Avast has firewalls and other features that get disabled when in passive mode so i found disabling the Malwarebytes web protection has done the trick for now. Im hopeful Malwarebytes finds the issue and patches it so i can turn the web protection back on. Has anyone tried disabling IPV6? If this crops up again im gonna try that and turning off scheduled scans as well.
  2. Hey there, Thanks for reply.. I appreciate you looking into this. I will keep a lookout for the next update. Thanks in advance! Best Regard, Time_Dj
  3. Hi, I use Daedalus which is a wallet for the Cardano crypto currency and upon running the software.. Malwarebytes is flagging some of its external connections to websites as a Trojan and blocking the connection. Im sure its a false positive so im trying to get the attention of the folks here at Malwarebytes in hopes of resolving the issue. Screenshots included. Best Regard, Time_dj
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