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  1. Late, but I've resolved this issue. I ran the tool program and it is all fine now.
  2. I just got on my laptop recently and while doing it's daily scan, Malwarebytes displayed a message that Realtime Protection is turned off? Any ideas why that might be?
  3. Perhaps the Extension was experiencing some bugs or the site went under maintenance.
  4. I can view it now apparently. Last time it couldn't play when I played it.
  5. https://m.wcostream.com/akame-ga-kill-episode-1-english-dubbed-2 I'm trying to play this one.
  6. https://m.wcostream.com/ This website doesn't contain anything malicious or concerning. I try to play a video and it won't play, and it shows it had blocked malware? I used it the other day and it was fine, this had just occurred today. Could you possibly try to resolve this? It'd be appreciated.
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