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  1. Ok, so everything seems fine again. I've used chrome a bit after playing with sync settings, and it hasn't come back. I'll still scan a bunch for the next month and be extra cautious, but for now it looks like everything is fine. I didn't end up even needing to reset all of sync, because I just deleted some parts of it, and the adware has not returned. I'll either update this thread or start a new one if this one is shut down if anything new happens. Thank you for the help, I couldn't have done it without you!
  2. Might just be me not doing the steps in the correct order, but I keep getting a message in the corner when I press reset sync. But I have repeated the steps several times at this point, and every time I get to the reset sync part, this happens. Could that guide possibly be outdated?
  3. Thank you for the help, I will do this. Another question: is it possible as long as I do not open my chrome account on another device while the account's sync is infected, can the device be infected?
  4. More info I forgot to mention: I have full reset my PC's hard drive, and uninstalled chrome several times.
  5. So I am locked in a several day long battle with the adware Vosteran. Hasn't done what all the other articles about it say it does, like changing browser settings or showing intrusive ads. It isnt really doing anything to the pc or chrome, but I'm scared it might be collecting information in the background or might have just not been set off yet. I have reset chrome settings, used HitmanPro, Malwarebytes, RKill, and even wiped the whole PC. I am not really sure what I haven't done yet, and would really appreciate some suggestions.
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