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  1. thank you for asking. I use Safari. I just googled how to remove the fake flash, and followed the whole process eliminating everything, including all my bookmarks (ouch), then shut the computer off and turned it back on, and went to WWF and dang that popup was right back there. not sure what else I can do. MA
  2. Thank you. so it may actually be one of the ads in the game. No one else I play with has had the problem. One I know uses Mac, the other I am guessing use PCs. Do you recommend an ad blocker, that will work well w/Malwarebytes?
  3. HELP.. I am 82 use an iMac desk top was playing WWF when I got the Flash update popup window. Ignored at first. I have Malwarebytes of course, and I also had an extention AdBlocker. Still that popup window would appear and I could remove it somehow and continue the game. but I am so frustrated by it, that I have stopped playing and of course my friends are "upset". Yes it is easy to say, don't click on a popup I even went to the Adobe site, to check if I could load it from there, but did not. I had Apple support on chat recently about something else and mentioned the pu.. she wanted me to do a screen shot/ beyond my realm of knowledge. Is there a simple fix if that window comes up again. BTW I just uninstalled the adblocker temp since it didn't seem to be working
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