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  1. I stand corrected! After installing Ka-Block and then, once again, deleting my cache and cookies, they did not reappear. I don't understand how that made a difference but as long as the problem is fixed, I'm a happy camper! Thank you MaxBar1!
  2. That doesn't explain why all my cookies and cache reappear immediately after being removed.
  3. Thank you. I will give that a try. However I still need to remove the evercookie buried in my MAC.
  4. When visiting cnn.com I continually get pop-ups for Adobe Flash Player and Norton Antivirus updates even though I have neither of these on my computer. I have a MacAir running iOS Catalina and I'm using Safari browser. I tried removing my cache and cookies but when I click Remove All, they immediately reappear, making me think I have an evercookie. I ran Malwarebytes but nothing was detected. If I avoid going to cnn.com I don't get the pop-ups so I'm sure it's tied to that specific website. I also get those pop-ups when I go to cnn.com on my iPad, so I'm now avoiding that website on all device
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