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  1. Hello, could you tell me where you generated this fixlist.txt file ? the issue is still there Fixlog.txt
  2. in fact, whe i do a search for this file, i only get the block log file from mbam
  3. do i need to delete this file: c0377696-b00e-11ea-8775-a45d36d0c1e4.json
  4. i still have the roxlock trojan mbam alert
  5. here are the english versions of frst reports Addition.txt FRST.txt
  6. i'm going to repost english versions of frst report
  7. i think that it's adwcleaner that quitted firefox and frst
  8. FRST and Firefox did both quit unexpectedly
  9. the message appeared again... i re-deleted roxlock cookie
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