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  1. I know its just part of the process lol we need to be remote viewed so our os will function, #uck knows how we got by before the internet, no doubt there is always some things that i would be happy to opt-in on and share data in a fair exchange of value, but it's so damn complex and one sided now. Unless you wrote the code you all have no #ucking idea whats really going on under the hood. Maybe about as much as the genius bar peeps. None of us do.
  2. What logic would it be to name a process "remote view" i it did not involve a remote view and it was a local process. remote (cambridge dictionary) ): remote computer systems are available to users in another part of a building or in another place, for example through a network:
  3. Lol I love it how transparent apple are in naming processes and because its apple activating a "signed process" to remote view your computer its ok lol Why the hell can't we just have a computer that DOESN'T spy on your data and just does what we want to do in peace. Data has turned the OS manufacturers into animals
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